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Glasgow, Glasgow City 


Oil, Other

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Full time



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Expectations for this position may include but are not limited to:


  • Meets the competency standards as listed in STCW Table A-II/2.
  • Ensures and demonstrates the ability to assess the vessels position relative to weather conditions, navigation hazards, other vessels and any other hazardous conditions and to act on significant concern to vessel safety and operation.  
  • Has thorough knowledge of USCG and international regulations such as MARPOL, SOLAS, SIGTTO / ISGOTT, Classification Society and flag state requirements, in particular the merchant shipping acts applicable to the vessel, requirements regarding personnel management and discipline, articles and associated documentation.
  • Up to date with industry best practice procedures for enclosed space entry, hot work, Lockout /Tag out, pollution prevention, working aloft, safe lifting etc.
  • In partnership with the Chief Engineer leads and promotes safe working practices on board through operations and emergency training to maintain high interest in safety and demonstrate visible commitment to Chevron Safety policy.   
  • Shares best practices and information with other vessels and shore.
  • In coordination with the Chief, operates a logical and economic program of energy management to achieve the most effective use of fuel consistent with optimization of overall shipboard operations.
  • Continuously looks for and proposes ways to increase cost effectiveness of operations in all areas, monitors vessels budgets and actively questions expense discrepancies.
  • Is a positive role model.  Exhibits a positive attitude towards the job and the people on board, fosters good working relationships, teamwork and a productive safe working environment.  
  • Conducts inclusive, participative discussions (does not lecture or dominate) uses a professional positive and supportive tone in written and verbal communications.
  • Maintains focus, composure and control when difficult situations arise.
  • Treats people with respect.
  • Actively promotes and supports diversity.


Relocation Options:
Relocation will not be considered within Chevron parameters.

International Considerations:
Expatriate assignments will not be considered

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